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Lake Serene, an alpine lake just 45 minutes from Seattle.

45 minutes to the trail head that is.

Once you get to the trail head, the amount of time it takes you to climb the 2000 ft of elevation gain will depend on your fitness level and will power.  It is 7.2 miles round trip to the lake and back.  Lake Serene is nestled between the peaks around Mt Index, at 2521 feet above sea level. Mt Index itself towers another 3000 ft above the lake.

The view across the valley toward the Town of Index, WA

I used to do a lot more hiking in the mountains around Washington State than I do now.  The last time I had been to Lake Serene was maybe 20 years ago.  20 years ago, getting to the lake was considered a “project.”  Now there is a new trail that makes the adventure considerably easier.  Of course, making the hike easier means that more people make the effort.  So if you are hiking to be alone, this little hike will no longer be for you.  If you don’t mind people---or go early---it is still well worth the effort.

The fungus along the way

Years ago, getting to the lake was about mud, climbing up steep embankments with the aid of tree roots, climbing over boulders, traversing streams---and more mud.  Today there are bridges and even stairs in some sections.

The water that flows out of the lake creates Bridal Veil Falls and is a spectacular destination all its own.  Some people just hike to the falls and call it a day.

Bridal Veil Falls

Being the gluttons for punishment that we are known to be, we made the 1/2 mile diversion to the falls and then pushed on to the lake (make a note to yourself right here---this diversion adds another mile to the whole trip). 

At one point along the way, my sweetie was nice enough to hold back a giant log to make the trail safe for me to pass.  What more can I say?

Brave and strong Julie

If you keep your eyes open you might even see some petroglyphs along the way!

Moss petroglyphs

The wild flowers were spectacular---from salmonberries to trillium and fiddle head ferns. 

trillium  fiddle head ferns

While we both consider ourselves relatively fit, if you don’t do this sort of hiking on a regular basis, your body will still experience a bit of a learning curve---and our calf muscles did indeed remind us the next day---and the next day.  By the time we got back to the car, I could safely conclude that I was entirely my legs---nothing more---nothing less!

This time of year most of the lake is still frozen over. 

Lake Serene

Some ice stays year round at the South end---where it is protected in the shadows of the sheer walls around the lake. 

Lake Serene

It was raining lightly and 38 degrees at the lake the day we went---so there was not much lounging about in the snow at the lake once we got there.  Hypothermia is a very real thing in the mountains and when you arrive at the lake all hot and sweaty from the effort of getting there, you tend to cool off pretty fast while you take in the magnificent view of the lake and mountains.

rocks and green of lake serene

So we drank some water, ate a snack and then headed back to the car.

We had gotten a fairly early start around 7:15 and, while we were not the first to the lake, we met a lot of hikers headed to the top as we traveled down.

The trail down

While the lake is not as serene as it used to be---it is still Lake Serene.

 Lake Serene


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Comment balloon 13 commentsCharles Buell • May 31 2013 06:38AM


Wow!  What a great post and I love all the pictures...fitting name indeed!  Have a great weekend TGIF!

Posted by Kristin Johnston - REALTOR®, Giving Back With Each Home Sold! (RE/MAX Realty Center ) over 5 years ago

Hi Charles,

Now there would be a place to have a cabin and live year around.

I would simply love it there.

Have a great day and thanks for sharing those really great shots.

Best, Clint McKie

Posted by Clint Mckie, Desert Sun Home, Comm. Inspection 1-575-706-5586 (Desert Sun Home, commercial Inspections) over 5 years ago

Charles, WOW what gorgeous pictures!  Staying fit and enjoying these views is the way to go.

Posted by Barbara Hensley, Homes for Sale in Rockwall County, Texas (RE/MAX Properties) over 5 years ago

Kristin, thanks---perhaps another hike is in order :)

Clint, that would be a whole lot of cold most of the year compared to what you are used to :)

Barbara, no small effort to do that

Posted by Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector (Charles Buell Inspections Inc.) over 5 years ago

Charles -- thanks for the view of this beautiful lake and some of the trail views along the way!   But now more people are going to want to go there.

Posted by Steven Cook (No Longer Processing Mortgages.) over 5 years ago

Beautiful place Charles! You are lucky to have such a strong woman at your side :-)

Posted by Fred Hernden, CMI, Albuquerque area Master Inspector (Superior Home Inspections - Greater Albuquerque Area) over 5 years ago

Steven, I suspect so---but I would not want to be left out :)

Fred, you have got that right :)

Posted by Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector (Charles Buell Inspections Inc.) over 5 years ago

Wow Mr. Charlie!  That there is beautiful!  Thank goodness for Miss J as she could get you safely along that trail.  She no be wimp!

As to fiddle heads - they are really very good.  As a Scoutmaster I can tell you that they do make a good soup!  Not kidding.  And it does NOT taste like chicken!

Posted by Jay Markanich, Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC) over 5 years ago

What a beautiful place Charles. You did a great job of capturing the area for us to see.

Posted by Tom Arstingstall, General Contractor, Dry Rot, Water Damage Sacramento, El Dorado County - (916) 765-5366, General Contractor, Dry Rot and Water Damage (Dry Rot and Water Damage Mobile - 916-765-5366) over 5 years ago

Hard to think of snow in June. It is a beautiful place. 

Posted by James Quarello, Connecticut Home Inspector (JRV Home Inspection Services, LLC) over 5 years ago

Charlie, Is Julie day hiking or overnighting with that backpack? Or did it have your nap pillow in it :) That is sweet makes me want to go for a jaunt in the woods.

Posted by Donald Hester, NCW Home Inspections, LLC (NCW Home Inspections, LLC) over 5 years ago

By the way, it's summer here!  Too bad you are still dealing with snow and ice.  What months are summer for you?




Posted by Jay Markanich, Home Inspector - servicing all Northern Virginia (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC) over 5 years ago

Jay, I have cooked fiddle heads when hiking on many occasions

Tom, thanks

Jim, we will have to hike up there when you are here next---it is near those water falls we went to when you were here

Don, we always hike prepared :)

Jay, I have no idea when summer is---but we can go to winter pretty much year round:)

Posted by Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector (Charles Buell Inspections Inc.) over 5 years ago