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It's "Curtains" for somebody!

     If I scratch my head long enough, Sadface I can usually figure out how something in a home got to be the way it is.  This picture shows such an opportunity---and it took me quite a while to come up with the answer. 

     So take a look at the picture below. 

     Can you figure out how the wall got marked like this?

 cigarette smoked walls

     Now imagine a couch under the window.

     Then picture the curtains being drawn for 25 years.

     Next, turn on the TV,  sit on the couch and smoke cigarettes for 25 years.

     As the air circulates under the couch and up behind the curtain (or visa-versa)----each fold acting like a little chimney----the cigarette smoke collects on the wall between the folds of the curtain.  The only requirement for this to happen (with the cigarette smoke as a given)-----don't move the curtains!

     While this house wasn't quite as bad as one I blogged about previously----it was still bad enough for me to ask once again:  "Cigarette anyone?" 

Charles Buell 

     PS, for those of you that are new to my blog (or for some other "unexplained" reason have never noticed)sunsmile all  pictures and smiley-face inserts (emoticons) (when I use them) have messages that show up when you point at them with your cursor.

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It's "Curtains" for somebody!
If I scratch my head long enough, I can usually figure out how something in a home got to be the way it is. This picture shows such an opportunity---and it took me quite a while to come up with the answer. So take a look at the… more
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