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Is this the latest in natural hydroponic gardening?

Probably not.

Gutter gardening

It is also not a picture of the one cloudless day in Seattle this summer either.  This is a gutter on a building with a very steep roof and very high gutters.  These are rather dangerous gutters to maintain clean and free of debris---and probably nothing the average homeowner should attempt to clean.  

To give you an idea of just how high these gutters are, here is a picture of the adjacent building I inspected just the roof on (the original inspector didn't have a ladder long enough---and I am still crazy enough to have such a ladder.  The ladder is not quite fully extended here---but pretty close.

Big ladder

I think one could make a good case for gutter guards on difficult to maintain gutters like these.  I have never seen issues with either Gutter Helmet or LeafGuard type systems---unlike those micro-filter, sponge, or grate type covers that typically clog and allow water to just run right on by and over the gutter.  For me if I can walk around a home with these types of systems and not see impact trenches around the home where the water is running over the gutters, I take that to be a sign that they are working as designed.  Of course any type of gutter maintenance system can have problems---including falling off ladders and/or roofs while cleaning the dang things.  

Every year, thousands of people are injured and some are even killed while cleaning gutters. 


Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector

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Is this the latest in natural hydroponic gardening?
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