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Living on the edge---oblivious to the consequences!

     Most of us are “adrenalin” junkies----and those that are not are probably either in denial or not aware  of how the body works.  One can even make an argument that the pursuit of adrenalin is not only human but is what drives us to do much of what we do.  I can’t really tell which comes first----so perhaps Living on the Edgeit is a “chicken or egg” thing.

     Regardless----whether it is eating, climbing corporate ladders, sky-diving, rock climbing, gambling, sex, fast cars, relationship arguments or reading books we are all looking for that rush----it makes us feel “alive.”

     Living one’s life “ON THE EDGE” produces lots of opportunities for adrenalin rushes.  Most of us, over the course of our lives, have created ways to maintain these rushes at appropriate levels.  In the end they usually destroy us.  As Neal Young said, It is better to burn out---than to fade away.”

     I think the “ideal” is when we can get our highs in ways that don’t show how oblivious or ignorant we are to the consequences of what we choose. 

     I am sure that everyone knows the consequences of choosing our adrenalin rushes from something like cocaine or key parties----as opposed to choosing them from something like playing soccer or long hikes in the mountains. 

     Some of our choices sustain us----while others tear us apart. 

     Being “oblivious” is like the tree on the edge of the cliff----everyone else can clearly see what is coming----can see our future.  Why can’t we? 

     We----theoretically----can move away from the cliff when necessary-----the tree is oblivious and cannot.


Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector


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Living on the edge---oblivious to the consequences!
Most of us are “adrenalin” junkies----and those that are not are probably either in denial or not aware of how the body works. One can even make an argument that the pursuit of adrenalin is not only human but is what drives us to do… more
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