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Sort of like my kids but polite.

     The other day I was contacted by an agent, Carol Sterling, who I first met while running around to open houses in the beginning of my career as a Seattle Home Inspector.  She is a perfect example of an agent that only wants the best for her buyers.  She has a great sense of Seattle Home Inspectorhumor and I thought I would share with you an email I got from her-----introducing me to our buyer.  I think the email is a good example of how really good agents take care of their buyers and avoid the common misconception that there is some “inherent” conflict of interest when they recommend a particular inspector----or even a list of inspectors (some identifying information has been edited).

Hi Guys:
  Going for the shortest distance between two points here.  Charlie, please meet Robert, Robert I cannot say enough good things about Charlie, and his exemplary work. 
I'll be meeting Charlie on Tue at 5:30 pm to let him in to do the inspection at the condo……...  He will be working for you and Sandy.  He does not give a shit what I want or what I think. 
Sort of like my kids but polite.
I promised I'd put the two of you in touch with one another and so here we go.
I will get a copy of the report however (with your permission Robert) to use in case there are any concerns in the transaction. 

     I wish more agents had this attitude. 

     I am happy to say that most agents that refer me have this attitude.


Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector


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Sort of like my kids but polite.
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