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Crawling across the garage floor of life.

     Whether you find yourself crawling across a desert or across a garage floor there is little to support the notion that one can ever truly know where one is going.  The journey almost always involves foresight, planning, and There has to be some water out there somewhereballs.  In my experience, in spite of our planning, dreams and goals, we had better be prepared to have considerable “trust” in our journey----and a willingness to change course when necessary.

     When we start out on our journey, we are rarely aware of how few guarantees there are that we will ever get to where we are going, but we can find great comfort in knowing that we are always were we are.

     What if we don’t find any water in the desert, or a big car pulls into the garage while we are crossing?   Whether we are concerned with getting water into us or are worried about getting the piss squished out of us, it is guaranteed that there will be some sort of struggle in whichever path we take

     Knowing when to change course is very important.

     Knowing when we have come to a dead end is important too----and not being afraid to turn around.

     More important than knowing that you chose the wrong path, is knowing that it was you that chose it.



Earthworms know how to stretch themselves

     So as you head out across your own personal “garage floor of life”-----s t r e t c h yourself----give it all you’ve got.  If you can get your head in the right place----your ass will follow.


Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector


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Crawling across the garage floor of life.
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