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1941----the women were “HOT!”

     On the heels of my last “ground broken,” heel breaker post (a post that proved that most of my male readers wear high heels), I have decided to cThe Fun Fortiesontinue on with the theme just to prove that one can blog about almost anything-----much to the chagrin of the captive reader.

     Many blog posts test or at least provoke one’s power to “click away” to find something of more interest.  Other posts captivate, and suck one in with seductive titles and promises of meaningful content----or at least prurient content.  Everyone knows that sex sells, so even if you have something incredibly mundane to talk about, if you can weave it into some sexually charged tale, people will click on it and maybe even read it----even those that say they won’t.


     In older houses I often find things tucked into nooks and crannies long forgotten----between floor joists, in heating ducts etc.  The other day I found an old shoe that had fallen into a wall cavity in a 1941 attic. 

The shoe older than me

     One wonders how long someone looked for this missing shoe----almost like new----and most likely older than I am.

     Unfortunately we can’t do this with ourselves----even if we hide away in some nook or cranny we will continue to get old and wrinkled----and likely won’t be similarly marveled at when found.

    Instead we must blog on----risking being who we are NOW----regardless of the temptation to know what the future brings.


Charles Buell


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Comment balloon 19 commentsCharles Buell • April 18 2010 02:11PM
1941----the women were “HOT! ”
On the heels of my last “ground broken, ” “ heel breaker ” post (a post that proved that most of my male readers wear high heels), I have decided to c ontinue on with the theme just to prove that one can blog about almost a nything----… more
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