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Junk yard dogs! Why inspectors carry big flashlights.

As soon as I got out of the car, the barking started.

Cujo was more or less behind the fence on the neighbor’s property, but years of attacking the fence had taken its toll.  I was not very confident the rickety hodgepodge of “fencing” would keep the beast at bay for the duration of the inspection. 

I know, I know, this is someone’s beloved “pet,” but…….some pet owners simply should not own pets.  Is this barking and frothing dog, hanging over the fence, merely a different incarnation of the owner----merely doing what the owner wished they had the balls to do?


I know, I know, the poor pup was just protecting his turf----but what a way for the neighbor to welcome someone new to the neighborhood.

While I did get lucky enough to photograph the dog with its mouth shut, it was kind of like the luck it takes to have no one in group photo have their eyes shut.  In a group photo the odds are pretty good that someone will have their eyes shut. 

With Cujo it was a miracle!

It was extremely difficult to have a conversation with my buyer about anything I was finding during the inspection of the exterior.  Turning my back on the dog was not an option----with the incessant barking and the sense that the fence would give way at any moment.  The idea of possibly having to defend myself with my $150.00 Fenix flashlight was even less appealing.

Eventually the inspection moved indoors and the dog went and did whatever barking dogs do when they are not being barking dogs.

After the inspection I went to my car and Cujo charged the fence for the obligatory goodbye bark.

As I holstered my flashlight, I bid my green eyed friend adieu, and jumped in the car.

Driving off, I barked to myself: “Ha! Didn’t get me! …...and good luck with that fence!”

As I looked in the rear view mirror I was relieved to not see Cujo the Tire-biter racing after me.


PS---Speaking of Junk Yard Dogs, let’s not forget Dr. John  



Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector



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Junk yard dogs! Why inspectors carry big flashlights.
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