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When was the last time you looked at yours?

     Grey water.

     Sounds appetizing doesn’t it?  Water that drains from your kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, laundry sink, dishwasher, and clothes washer is considered “grey water.”  In other words----not quite as nasty as the "brown water" that drains from toilets.

     A leak from either can be nasty but not quite as bad as leaks from toilet drains can be.  If you have to pick a type to leak for 30 years into your crawl space, you would want to pick grey water.  For example a leak from a kitchen sink drain.  The resultant crud that would end up in the crawl space wouldn’t be quite as bad as it would be if the leak was from a toilet.

     Even a leak from the kitchen sink, like in the picture below, can create quite a mess in a crawl space.

what is all that grey gunk?

     This joint had likely been leaking for 30 years.  This was the age of the building and the access opening had been floored over with hardwood.  The amount of soil erosion under the leak was consistent with the pipe leaking for a very long time-----plus it did not smell like roses down there.

     Crawl spaces should be professionally inspected at least every two years-----when was the last time you looked at yours?



Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector



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When was the last time you looked at yours?
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