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Japanese Garden, Seattle, WA

Japanese Garden     Along with the Conservatory (and not too far from each other), there is another very cool place in Seattle to visit---whether you are playing tourist or live here all the time---called the Japanese Garden, at the Washington Park Arboretum. 

     Here is a little photo tour to give you just a taste of the trails and visual feasts at this little patch of serenity.  Every time I visit the Garden I wonder why I don’t go back more often.  Isn’t that the way it is though?  We will scrimp and save to visit some far off exotic place and neglect the things that are right in our own back yard.  The very places that someone in a far off place is scrimping and saving to come and see.

South Entrance to the Japanese Gardens

One of the bridges

Reflect on this

 Nutsy’s house

I may be slow but I am ahead of you.


Reflect on this.

And this

Another bridge.

Don’t give me any Carp!

Home sweet home!

Inspector’s dream.

Water fall. 

Charles Buell

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Japanese Garden, Seattle, WA
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