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Getting back to where we are!

     First of all let me state right up front that my understanding of economics and the current melt down would best be described as somewhere between marginal and margarine.  Based on what I hear other people saying about it----I would gather that I am not alone.

It is still only a 6" Balloon     If there is any “consistency” in what I hear it is that EVERYONE has the “right” answer----or at very least everyone else’s answer can not possibly be right----and most seem to be willing to have their own personal “melt-down” in support of their opinions.  This seems to go beyond the typical rhetoric spewed by political parties----that have their own agendas----and seems to touch something much more personal.   It is usually difficult to have a “bigger view” of things when we are talking about things that appear to be robbing our wallets.

     A common thread that seems to run through these opinions is that most people define their view from a position of LOSS----“WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS?”----or, from a position of WAITING----“HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR US TO GET BACK THERE?”

     The other day I did a post  equating the situation to a 6” balloon that had been blown up to be twice as big as it should be.  Regardless of its 12” size it was still “really” just a 6” balloon----and even more vulnerable than a balloon already is.

Time for a Tea-party and everyone is invited     To accept that the current economic climate is a “crisis” we must first accept that the place we have fallen from is some place we should strive to get back to.  Perhaps that place was merely an illusion to begin with.  This goes way beyond the idea of “bubble busting.”  It is almost as if we have succumbed to some sort of collective hypnosis that compels us to actually believe we have lost something.  The concept that anything can “burst” seems flawed to me in itself, and in a way seems like a way to justify our feeling sorry for ourselves for our poor choices or "unluckiness."  After all, if something “actually” falls apart, as opposed to returning to some logical paradigm, it is easier to save face in the light of losing millions in “artificial value.”  Kind of like, since we are all in the same boat, we all sink or swim together.  What this type of thinking does not take into account, in my opinion, is that, “WE HAVE ALL ALWAYS BEEN IN THE SAME BOAT ALL ALONG!”

     I have made LOTS of mistakes in my life and have lost everything (Material things) twice----it is only now that everyone else is loosing everything, that I have come to realize that I never had anything to loose to begin with----that all the money that I have never been able to put away, or invest, has also evaporated for everyone else that did put some away or invested it "wisely."  I always knew that I would never be able to retire, and so I made sure that I always loved what I was doing----now it looks like I will have lots of company in non-retirement.   

     As long as we think that what is “valuable” can be totaled up on an Excel spreadsheet, stored in a garage,  worn to the mall, or put our kids through college, we will always be vulnerable to blowing up the balloon past its intended size.  We don’t need a tea-party to throw off the oppressors that are taking everything away, we need a tea-party to celebrate how rich we are----and everyone is invited.

     So you see the real question does not seem to be, “How can we get back to where we were?”

----but more about, “How can we get back to where we are?”

Charles Buell

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