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The Latest ActiveRain Home Inspector NEWBIE!



     I have invited a lot of people to ActiveRain----few have completed a profile----few have signed up.

      Last week, at an ASHI continuing education event, I ran into Darrell Hay. 

     Another inspector that I had invited months ago (and that I have been busting his chops about not joining AR ever since) had been telling Darrell about ActiveRain.  We got to talking, and I told him I would email him an invite when I got home. 

     Well he signed up, filled out his profile and posted his first post this morning.  I think you will all really enjoy reading is posts and I hope you will all subscribe when you have had a chance to check him out.  You see, he used to write a home inspection column for the Seattle Times and is a very good writer---and has been inspecting for quite a while.

     Now all he needs to do is get rid of that dang “fuzzy” and put some really cool picture in his profile.

     I hope you will all give a warm welcome to Darrell, and go check out his first post, “Jumping on in.” 

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Comment balloon 12 commentsCharles Buell • March 11 2009 10:12PM
The Latest ActiveRain Home Inspector NEWBIE!
I have invited a lot of people to ActiveRain----few have completed a profile----few have signed up. Last week, at an ASHI continuing education event, I ran into Darrell Hay. Another inspector that… more
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