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Can Seattle Soccer be Green?



     Last night was the opening game of the MLS Soccer season at Quest Field in Seattle----as the brand new MLS team, the Seattle Sounders FC, took on the New York Red Bulls and kicked their bullish butts 3 nil.

Quest Field, Seattle WA

     The Sounders exploded out of the gate and never looked back---clearly out-playing the Bulls much of the game.  USA International player Casey Keller had very little to do as keeper and the two or three times he was tested----he was clearly up to the task.

     Before the game there was the obligatory opening ceremonies, where the owners were introduced (including Drew Carey) and the proper people were acknowledged for bringing the MLS version of the “beautiful game” back to Seattle.  

     Even Christine Gregoire, our governor (season ticket holder), was there.  Professional soccer was here once before in the early 70’s, but that league folded and it has taken a quarter of a century to get the highest level of professional soccer back here----and the pent up demand was certainly evident at the game.  The assistant coach of the new Sounders, Brian Brian Schmetzer, Assistant CoachSchmetzer (and head coach of the pre-MLS Sounders), was on that 70’s team.  Brian was one of my son’s coaches in youth soccer-----so we have had a special connection to the team for a long time.

     With 32,523 tickets sold for the game we decided to take the bus to the game and not try to deal with traffic and parking----a smart choice in retrospect.  It was pretty exciting to be in the middle of 32,523 screaming fans waving their brand new inaugural green game scarves in the air.  For 90 minutes nearly everyone stayed standing watching and cheering on their team.  For years, even before the Sounders became the new MLS Sounders FC, we have had season tickets and a big crowd to those games would have been 3,252 fans and the only time you would stand up was when the team scored (or came close to scoring) or it was half-time.  Last night, the only time we got to sit down was at half-time.

     So, the Sounders are off to a great start in their first season-----and they didn’t look “green” at all----except in color.

     Here are some pictures to give you a sense of the festivities.

     Police guarding the “game ball.”

Sounders FC, game ball

     Some really cool fans.

Cool Seattle Sounders FC fansMore cool fans

     Some pre-game festivities.

 Seattle Sounders FC pre-game festivities

     Some cool flags.

Green flags over Seattle

     The pitch.

Sounders FC Pitch at Quest Field

     The band.

Sounders FC Band

     And where would a team be without cheer leaders?

Cheerleaders at the opening game

     The team taking the field.

Taking the pitch

     A sea of green.

A sea of green scarves

     See what I mean?



Charles Buell




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