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More venting about vents in Seattle.

     Take a look at this picture.

     What is this capped pipe that is sticking out of this really nice roof?

Old vent through the roof

     I may never know what the “original purpose” of this capped pipe was----and it really doesn’t matter.  What it is today, is what matters.  It is complicated because, what it is today is not even what it is. 


     Me too----but I am used to it. 

     This capped pipe is “trying” to be a plumbing vent-----and doing a very lousy job of it.  That is the problem with “trying.”  Trying is a total waste of time, because trying never got any job done.  Doing” is always necessary to get any job done.

     On the attic side, this is what it looks like.

Plumbing vent that doesn't quite make it out of the attic

     This abandoned vent (of unknown original purpose) is not an appropriate termination for the plumbing vent.  It neither insures that sewer gases won’t find their way into the attic space, nor does it prevent vermin entry to the attic.  This is not a very difficult fix and can be done when the roof is replaced-----since the roof is obviously past its expected life.



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More venting about vents in Seattle.
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