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(Any resemblance or similarity to Bellingham Steve are purely coincidental)



I know I was mad at you last week for running over the cat, but I have a favor to ask.


Well, I realize this is the first time it has happened in our "new house"---but could you fish my wedding ring out of the drain?

The drain?  AGAIN?


This is going to cost you.

But, YOU are the one that ran over the cat!


(As I went to fish the ring out of the drain I discovered that I was about to be in the dog house again.  She had argued for getting a home inspection done and I had said, "but Honey it is NEW."  What could possibly be wrong?  Well----I soon discovered that I couldn't get the trap apart to rescue the ring and our marriage.  The plumber had installed a trap that could be taken apart.  The drain could also be disconnected from the disposal, but the rest of the drain assembly was constructed of glued together components and threaded onto the end of the strainer----with no way to get it off----without cutting the pipe.  The whole contraption was just too long to turn of the end of the sink.)

ring in drain 


Yes, dear?

I have some good news and some bad news.

You found my ring?

I'm going to the hardware store (the good news) and (the bad news) don't use the sink!

Charles Buell 

     PS, for those of you that are new to my blog (or for some other "unexplained" reason have never noticed)sunsmile all  pictures and smiley-face inserts (emoticons) (when I use them) have messages that show up when you point at them with your cursor.

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Home Inspections Save Marriages!
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