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The “Silver-Lining” in war

     I find it painful to even write the title of this blog, and yet I can't get away from the fact that whenever the government spends huge amounts of money there is often some spin-off into the private sector.  Along with the huge amounts of waste, inefficiency and loss of human life, war is a time when we develop and utilize the newest technologies.

     I was reminded of this on my recent trip to Rhode Island, for my daughter's graduation from college.  We took at little day trip down to beautiful Watch Hill, Rhode Island, where we walked out on the spit---at the end of which there are some old World War II bunkers.

watch hill bunkers












      This Watch Hill beach is a very secluded---little known---stretch of beach that was sort of an annual "hooky" destination during high school when the weather started getting nice. (Warning:  Dashboard navigation may not get you there.)

Watch hill from the bunkers











   One of the things that came out of World War II that directly benefited the housing industry was steel-reinforced concrete---bunker technology.  Prior to the mid 40's, house foundations were likely to be vastly inferior to house foundations constructed after that date.  There were regional exceptions to this where concrete block foundations were popular but even those saw improvements with the use of steel-reinforced footings, and eventually some amounts of reinforcement between the courses of blocks.  Requirements of reinforcement for both types of foundations have improved even more since the mid 40's with standardization of building codes---especially in areas of high seismic activity.


Charles Buell 

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The “Silver-Lining” in war
I find it painful to even write the title of this blog, and yet I can't get away from the fact that whenever the government spends huge amounts of money there is often some spin-off into the private sector. Along with the huge amounts of waste… more
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