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     On my buddy Steve' blog the other day someone commented on the use of Architects for inspections.  There are some great Architects out there.  And none of the great ones I know would take offense from this blog because they know it wouldn't apply to themsunsmile. But just like other professions there are some that don't see the bigger picture.  Frankly, there is today a trend away from the concept of "form following function" with form being more important than function----a mistake as near as I can tell.  The following picture is a perfect example of function following form.  The desire was to attain the great look of two townhouses side by side with the nice gables showing without a good solution as to what to do with the water that would run off both units toward each other.townhouses



















      The solution seen in the next picture results in ¼ of the total square footage of the roof (times 2) draining into a single gutter less than 10" long.townhouse roof














     This little bitty gutter will clog frequently unless vigilantly maintained.  The area where the roofs all come together just above the gutter will also need to be maintained free of debris.  Fortunately there is easy access from the deck.  On this side.  On the other side of the building it is three stories to the gutter. Certainly not maintainable by the average homeowner.poor roof damage














     Note the un-flashed end of the barge rafterThis is brand new construction.

     Home inspectors are trained to identify these conditionslol.  Architects, in this case were more interested in other things.

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