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Extraterrestrial life is real---I HAVE SEEN THEM!

     It seems like all around the world there are places with no "authentic" claim to fame, that attempt to "create" fame. 

     For example, take the Roswell UFO Incident in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 (Interesting---same year I was born---coincidence?  That may "explain" a few things.)  Or, consider the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.  Or, closer to home, Big Foot.  It seems like we all want to believe the "unbelievable" and yet will sometimes refuse to believe things that are "factual."  For example there is a known "entity" that lives in the North West that is very widespread in its range, and is not in the least bit afraid of humans---as it literally, goes wherever it wants!  It has many of the attributes of a good UFO, or remnant of the Jurassic Period, with its tentacles and humongous tail, and yet has not earned the notoriety of these more famous and mythic monsters.  It is relegated to an occasional appearance at the Pike Place Market or Archie McGhee's as a trinket, key chain or post card, but as of yet does not merit a gazillion websites, cult fan clubs, or movies---like the "mythic" monsters do. 

     There was once a rumor that Bellingham even wanted to name this creature their State Animal until someone let them in on the fact that Bellingham is actually considered to be part of the State of Washington.

     Those of you that are NOT from the North West (and Hope) may want to avert your eyes (or put on your sunglasses) or click on someone else's monster- blog, before scrolling down to see the picture of this formidable creature---that I was extremely lucky to document as I was leaving for an inspection the other morning.




















Charles Buell 

     PS, for those of you that are new to my blog (or for some other unexplained reason have never noticed)sunsmile all  pictures and smiley-face inserts (emoticons) have messages that show up when you point at them with your cursor.

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