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    Crawl spaces can be pretty inhospitable places.  There is all too often the possibility of electrocution, raw sewage, rats, raccoons, dust laden with asbestos and harmful pathogens, flooding, collapsing wells and septic tanks, chemicals from Pest Control Operators, collapsing structural elements, and in some areas----SNAKES.  I was glad this python/boa (don't want to know enough about snakes to know the difference) was dead----although very smelly.  This particular snake was someone's escaped pet.  I would hate to be hugged to death in a crawl space and not be able to reach my cell phone.  The crawl space is also where all the stuff most capable of turning the buyer away from the deal can be found.  The crawl space I inspected today, no one had been in for 27 years----lots can go wrong in that amount of time.  Homeowners could really save a lot of money in the long run if they would have these spaces checked at least every two years.

 Dead snake in a crawl space














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Comment balloon 6 commentsCharles Buell • January 03 2008 01:59AM
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